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Bastion of war fundamentals

The purpose of this guide is to cover all fundamental important information (that i can think of / remember) collected over the years, most of which is taken for granted by long term players but hopefully helps those new to the server. I will try to keep information as simple as possible.

First and foremost, builds that work fine on another server are highly unlikely to stand up to the intense requirements of a full pvp arena server like bastions, even those that have a solid complimenting set of base classes or are from another pvp server would likely need at the very least changes or improvements to work within bastions.

Information will be added and edits done as required and if possible

All of the following information is in regards to what works specifically on Bastions of War


1) Additional Information Sources: Wiki
2) Bastions of War Class changes
3) Ability Points
4) Races
5) Base Attack Bonus
6) Saves
7) Skills
8} Essential items
9) Stuff to Know
10) Acronymns

1) Additional Information Sources: Wiki

Information in this guide is dwarfed by the amount of information you can find on the wiki, a lot of work has gone into it over the years

Throughout the this guide i will probably add further links to specific important pages relating to each section.

The wiki search function is a very useful tool, search a feat, class, skill or anything else for detailed information, as not all will be covered here and some that are will not be in full extensive detail you can find via the wiki.

2) Bastions of War Class changes:
The following classes have changes to their abilities, these changes are found in your journal under “Skill, Feat & Ability changes 1, 2 & 3 / Dwarven defender & purple dragon knight”
-Red dragon disciple
-Shadow dancer
-Dwarven defender
-Purple dragon knight

3) Ability Points:

Abilities are extremely important, bastions of war is a world of min – maxing stats, trying to make every point count so what makes each ability so important?

note: 2 ability points = 1 ability bonus, only even numbers increase the bonus, so 12 – 14 -16 etc

Strength bonus point = 1 attack bonus, 1 damage, 1 discipline
Dexterity bonus point = 1 attack bonus with weapon finesse, 1 dodge armor class, 1 reflex
Constitution bonus point = 1 fortitude, 40 hit points
Wisdom bonus point = 1 will save, 1 Spot & Listen, 1 Natural AC (IF MONK)
Intelligence bonus point = 1 skill point per level, Wizard Spells
Charisma bonus point = 1 universal save (IF PALADIN OR BLACKGUARD) , Sorceror Spells

4) Races:

DONT be a GNOME or HALF ELF, ever, there is no reason except to gimp yourself.
In most situations elf is the best choice, keen senses which eliminates the need for detect mode is invaluable
Human is good for str based characters, Dwarf for certain builds
Halfling for certain builds, dedicated stealthers for example
Half orc really has no use except to get max strength
Racial modifiers:

5) Base Attack Bonus & Armor Class

A base attack bonus of 16 is REQUIRED BEFORE level 20, this is to achieve the full 4 attacks per round for your character, the higher your base attack bonus the better your attack bonus will be

More Info:

Monks follow a different attacks per round & base attack bonus progression and so are exempt from this:

Overall Attack Bonus’ when attacking (first attack) should be anywhere between 62-70 AB, depending on the character, higher is possible.

Armor class goes to a max of +6 on each item, currently Averages self buffed ACs are around the following:

Str Tanks: 70-76
Dex Everything else: 78-mid 80s

AC will increase from team support such as Bard song & Undeaths Eternal Foe (cleric), as will ab, plus enemy ab will be dropped by Curse Song (bard will also drops ac/skills/saves) & Prayer (cleric)

6) Saves:

Saves on bastions of war need to be good, my rule of thumb on priority is:

Fortitude needs to be at least 50 when fully geared, slightly lower is possible with Higher Armor Class, else you will be Devastating Critical Fodder.  (Dev Can Reach 53 Difficulty Check)
“But I’m a palemaster i don’t need fort!” – Couldn’t be more wrong, palemaster characters with low fortitude are a prime target for necromancy spells and cleric implodes
Will Saves should really be in the low-mid 40s if you don’t want to be disabled by enchantment spells, this is not always possible, especially when poor or with certain class combinations

Reflex is the most easily neglected save, saves against it are rare and wont kill you outright, most of the time anyway ^^ 40s would keep you safe enough

In general the higher the better, but don’t go above 52 fort or 50 will & reflex, certain class combinations can get high saves very easily, example: – a good strength tank with high saves all round

5 Spellcraft = 1 all saves versus single target spells, Saves Cap at your Base + 20 + bonus from abilities

More Info: &

7) Skills:

With the arrival of the Epic ioun stone tumble skill is no longer essential to all builds, its still essential to ANY class that has tumble as a class skill and needs AC (Armor Class)

Essential Skill

Discipline – 43  with gear & feat bonuses you want this to really reach a minimum of 80, the higher the better ( Skill Focus and Epic Skill Focus Discipline are requirements in almost all builds)

Important Skills

Tumble – 40 – Gives 8 AC

Detect, Either Spot or Listen or both, always preference spot over listen (listen detection time is far slower -Listen Bugging)  You MUST enter Detect Mode to get the full bonus if your race is anything other than Elf

Good Skills

Use Magic Device – 25 UMD allows the ability to equip the epic halflings belt, UMD also allows use of Mage Armor and Protection from Alignment Rods

Spellcraft – 5 spellcraft = 1 all saves versus single target spells, 30 spellcraft is required to counterspell effectively, epic spells also require differing amounts of spellcraft

Heal Skill – Gives you increased effectiveness with those heal kits youll accumulate by playing

8} Essential items:

The following are essential items and buffs (you don’t have to use rods if you can cast them), some are automatically purchased and placed on your character

– Epic Devastating Fortitude Vest
– Senses Enhancer for detect
– Scabbard of blessing  (bless and aid together = 2 attack bonus)
– Item Activation parchment, activates certain items (examine for details on what)
– Epic Ioun Stone (variety of effects)
– Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (1ab/1ac)

Mage Armor and Protection from alignment if you can use them
Death Ward
Freedom of Movement
Clarity (will save stunned teammates, everyone should have many for themselves as a preventative measure and to help your team)
Negative Energy protection (Blocks ability and level drain and negative damage)
Lesser or/and Greater Restore rods (extremely useful for yourself and others)
See Invisibility (self explanatory)
Ultravision (anyone who can cast darkness will kill you without this, reapply if removed by dispel asap!)

9) Stuff to Know:

Taunt, a great tool to lower someones ac by a substantial amount, fairly overlooked skill usually

Improved Knockdown, spam it like mad, no stupid restrictions on how many times you can use it

Archers, don’t stop moving, you can fire arrows on the move using WASD and clicking to attack a target

Against running Archers/Monks/Casters/Csers/Coward tanks, don’t auto follow them constantly, try to get ahead, run alongside, cut them off at a choke point, block their escape, anything but blindly running along behind them being of no use.

Kamas, are not allowed, if you want to be a monk go unarmed

Devastating Critical, is allowed, its great, get fort though or prepare to die a lot on the first hit

Nothings Immortal, this is a team game, work together and dont wander off alone for best results

Capture points can be used to break enemies out of stealth and give temporary true seeing, conversely Don’t give the enemy this buff (Capture point true seeing) when your own teams stealthers are around

Hide in plain sight, is removed, stealth characters will attempt to Corner sneak you, in which they block your sight of them with an object or wall and then restealth, this can be VERY effective, get detect or a chaos shield to stop this

Epic Spells, Don’t hellball your own team, it irritates them. Don’t take Mummy dust or Dragon knight, they suck, waste of feats. Epic Mage Armor and Epic Warding are good, take warding if your a mage

Use Acid Sheathe buff on a mage, death armor does nothing, elemental shield does less damage and wont hurt most people, use premonition and spell mantles too, utilize all your buffs and buff teammates if you can

Casters, dont ice storm your own team for kills, place aoe spells carefully bastions is a full pvp environment

Shifter forms that work, Dragon(be a druid, don’t make a shifter dragon) Risen Lord & Kobold. These only work when completely focused on their specific form, shifters are fairly weak unfortunately

Buy your items before entering the team bases, the merchant is in the centre of the keeper of war map, shops in bases are for quick purchases, otherwise your hurting your team by increasing their Power Rating needlessly

Elemental Damages on weapons & spells, fire and sonic are the weakest in general, fire will not do as much damage as it could to other players due to either red dragon disciple levels (100% fire resist) or a commonly taken feat epic energy resist fire, sonic can be completely stopped by silence which can be acquired via mind destroyer rings easily.

Power Rating,  points from kills give more to underpowered teams (low PR)  and less to overpowered teams (High PR). The Autobalance feature should alleviate some PR issues, each character has a different individual PR. See journal for more information


Don’t run away from a cleric who is trying to heal you
Don’t run away from your team, run circles around teammates so they can hit your pursuers
Don’t run into Area of Effect spells, even your teamates spells will kill you
Don’t log out, no rules exist against it, but you’ll die and give up the points anyway
Don’t pester teamates for healing, unless their acc name is death_strike, insulting him works
Do make use of the heal kits awarded from playing rounds, as well as your reusable heal kit

10) Acronymns &Abbreviations:

Common abbreviations and their meaning, useful to learn, less to type/write when planning a build – communicating etc


BF – Blind Fight
IKD – Improved knockdown
KD – Knockdown
IE –  Improved Expertise
Dev – Devastating Critical
IC/Imp Crit – Improved Critical
WS – Weapon Specialization
EWS – Epic Weapon Specialization
WF – Weapon Focus
EWF – Epic Weapon Focus
AS – Armor Skin
EP – Epic prowess
BoE – Bane of Enemies
GF – Great Fort
IW – Iron Will
LR – Lightning Reflexes
Efort – Epic Fortitude
Ewill – Epic Will
Eref – Epic Reflexes
Edodge – Epic Dodge
EER – Epic Energy Resistance (Fire, Acid , Cold , Sonic , Electrical)
WW – Whirlwind
G Str/Dex/Con/Wis/Int/Cha (1-10 / I-X)  – Great Ability Feats ,  example: Great Strength 1

SF – Skill focus OR Spell focus (depending on context)
ESF – Epic skill focus  OR  Epic spell focus (depending on context)
GSF – Greater Spell Focus

SF Discipline = skill
ESF Abjuration = spell

Spell Schools (fairly obvious these)

Abj – Abjuration
Evo – Evocation
Conj – Conjuration
Necro – Necromancy
Illu – Illusion
Ench – Enchantment!
Trans – Transmutation

(important ones at least)

Nep – Negative energy protection
Fom – Freedom of movement
DW – Death ward
PFA – protection from alignment
MA – Mage Armor
b / a / p – Bless / Aid / Prayer

EMA – Epic Mage Armor
EW – Epic Warding
ii – Improved Invisibility
d / Disp – Displacement
FW – Flame Weapon
DF – Darkfire
SR – Spell resistance
UEF – Undeaths Eternal Foe
GR – Greater Restoration
SoV – Storm of vengeance


RDD – Red dragon disciple
SD – Shadow dancer
PM – Palemaster
PDK – Purple dragon knight
BG – Blackguard
DD – Dwarven defender
AA – Arcane Archer
HS – Harper Scout
WM – Weapon Master

Sheet Information

AB – Attack Bonus
BAB – Base Attack Bonus
AC – Armor Class
HP – Hit Points
STR – Strength
DEX – Dexterity
CON – Constitution
INT – Intelligence
WIS – Wisdom
CHA – Charisma


Disc – Discipline
Conc – Concentration
Perf – Perform
SC – Spellcraft
MS – Move Silently


CP – Capture point
CPTS – Capture point True seeing
PR – Power rating
Acc – Account

There are a lot, I’m sure i have missed many, as you can see a lot are self evident, some are not.



In general i tried to add enough information to give an understanding of how builds and the game play work in bastions and I’m sure i missed a lot, i feel its still lacking a fair amount that i haven’t remembered and is still too basic in general, all input is appreciated, i would currently consider it a work in progress.


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  3. shroom says:

    Correct you need 20 cross class tumble and epic ioun stone to get the full 8 AC you would have with a tumble class

    assuming i remember correctly, so i guess it should more correctly be put you no longer specifically need a tumble class & really tumble is still an essential skill almost always

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    with that clarity added, this is a pretty good guide for nubz

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